Interior Design | Office Design

Staged By Susan can help make any office space more that just an accumulation of the furniture and equipment needed to do business. With office design, interior design services, we create an inviting place where productivity flows naturally. Your office becomes an environment where you and your employees want to be, not someplace you have to be.

Interior Design | Organizing Your Dreams

If you are moving, Staged By Susan takes the mystery out of organizing your new space with interior design organization services. Using your priorities, we design a plan that can be executed. Either way, we turn your vision into reality. If you need help with that design vision, we can spark your imagination. We do the same for offices, too.

If your new home is out of town or out of state, we can be there when the moving truck arrives. With our interior design and organization services, and using your furnishings, accent pieces, and art, we will decorate your home so that all you need to do is walk in and start living. Consult with us before you leave, and your new home will be ready for you when you arrive.

Interior Design | Lifestyle Design

If where you live now is where you want to be, but lacks the style you have in mind, Staged By Susan will work with you to create an environment for the lifestyle you desire with her interior design services. Or, take some time away, and allow us to re-purpose your belongings for a whole new look. You may return to the same place, but it definitely will have a new attitude.

Using existing furnishings we can reinvent rooms. Staged by Susan can create a cozy den or study, an efficient hobby room or workshop, or that elegant media room you’ve always dreamed about. In many cases, we can do it with furnishings you already own — just another example of Staged By Susan’s affordable approach to interior design.

Interior Design | De-Clutter

A lifetime of accumulation can wind up an overwhelming challenge, but there is no need to feel crushed by the burden of too much stuff. Staged By Susan can give you an unbiased, objective assessment of your situation, and an action plan that will tame the most disorganized room, garage, or building. Let Staged By Susan show you the simple steps that will lead you to want what you have rather than have what you want.

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