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In the Greater Oklahoma City Metro Area, if you are considering home staging or decorating your home or office, to get the desired look you want and the first impression you need, Home Staging with Staged By Susan delivers. Regardless of the challenge, we’ve been there, we’ve seen it, and we’re ready to put our experience and skills to work on your project.

If your property is on the market – whether it’s vacant or occupied, well worn or new construction – Home Staging with Staged By Susan can make it shine and get it the attention it deserves. Staged By Susan can also guide you through creating the professional or commercial space that will help you find and keep the good clients and customers every business seeks through office interior design to help increase your first impression. We are also prepared to give the home you’ve always loved, the look you’ve always wanted by helping you de-clutter your world, we can turn a frustrating space into a magnificent place.

Home staging, interior design and interior decorating, or de-cluttering, Staged By Susan is your one-stop destination. Home Staging with Staged By Susan delivers results and makes it simple, with reasonable prices. Staged By Susan’s, Susan Rutter, is a licensed Realtor who knows what buyers are looking for and what leads to successful sales and can expertly stage your listings to sell them fast with her home staging services. Home Staging with Staged by Susan can work with what you have already, and can also draw on are own inventory of furnishings, accent pieces, and props for presentation, eliminating the need for renting or leasing additional items in most applications when considering home staging.

Home staging real estate moves potential buyers to see the possibilities. A professional looking office is the culmination of considered attention to detail. Both rely on the promise of comfort, refinement, and a sense of achievement.

Decorate to sell. Stage to impress. De-clutter to simplify!

Proven, fast, fair, affordable. Keep it simple with Staged By Susan, Home Staging & Corporate Office Appeal.

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