Home Staging | Decorate to Sell

Home Staging | Decorate to sell New Construction

A licensed Realtor herself, Home Staging with Staged by Susan’s Susan Rutter readily sees the potential in newly completed construction, and will decorate your new home to sell quickly and easily. Builders with spec homes sitting vacant in a slow market or those with custom homes that have seen a sale fall through can turn to her for honest, candid advice based on first hand experience. When it’s Staged By Susan, home staging — decorate to sell services, there’s no nonsense and no dancing around, just a straightforward approach that will allow potential buyers to see a home and not just a house. It may be beautiful, but until buyers see a property as someplace they can live, they can’t make the all-important emotional connection that will get their signature on the contract. Home Staging with Staged By Susan knows how to make that connection through home staging and decorating to sell services.

Home Staging | Decorate to sell Vacant Homes

A home that has been vacant for a while may have a lot to offer, but because it looks a little tired, buyers don’t give it the serious look it deserves. Home Staging with Staged By Susan puts vigor back into a property through home staging by capitalizing on its strengths and putting them front and center. A home with a history has seen a lot of memories made. Let Staged By Susan reset that potential through her home staging services and make it ready to create new memories. Whether the vacancy is due to a job transfer, passing of a loved one, or a slow market, Home Staging with Staged By Susan will take a sensitive approach and give potential buyers a reason to take a good look at what is more than likely a great piece of real estate.


Home Staging | Decorate to sell Occupied Homes

Real estate professionals know all too well that showing a home that must remain a residence during the marketing process is a challenge — and if the occupants are serious about selling, continually keeping things ship-shape is no fun for them either. Staged By Susan is ready to work with agents and residents to make the most of what is already on site with her home staging services, or start fresh for a more appealing presentation using home staging and decorating. Staged By Susan can create a property that is at once a place to live and an attractive prospect for those in the market for buying a home.

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